Dark Under Eyes

Vivexin Eye Gel are an unsightly affliction that can affect anyone regardless of age. Vivexin Eye Gel can be an embarrassment in public since our face is the first visual form of contact when meeting other people. It isn’t entirely true that dark circles under and around the eyes are caused by allergies, lack of sleep or stress. Although allergies, fatigue and stress can increase darkness to an already existing condition, there are other factors that cause that dark coloration around the eyes. Once you know what causes a dark under eyes problem, avoidance and treatment are just a few steps away in regaining that youthful glow in your complexion.

Dark Under Eye Appearance

The appearance of this condition is a little haunting, especially in advanced cases. The general eye areas around the upper and lower lids appears gray to black. The coloration can appear quite uniform as though it were actually painted on. It can also look identical to a bruise, taking on a dark reddish or purplish color. The eyes may appear sunken because of the unusually dark shading, suggesting a ghoulish appearance. Dark under the eye appearance might extend to the tops of the cheeks and upper eyelids. Bags, wrinkles or puffiness might accompany the discoloration.

Dark Under Eye Physiological Reasons

The skin around the eyes, called the periorbital area, is very delicate and thin. It is also the most transparent skin layer in the human body. The area is laced with a matrix of tiny blood vessels and capillaries that are very close to the surface. Due to the delicate nature of the skin fiber, blood may leak from the capillaries and flood the area. The loose blood is normally oxidized and broken down by a process called hemoglobin degradation. Unfortunately hemoglobin degradation give cells their red color and when enough of them spread out before absorption, they can linger in the eye area. The same process of blood degradation happens upon bruising when an impact to the eye is sustained. Although an eye injury is not necessary to cause the darkness, it looks almost identical except for a lighter shade of gray or black.

Dark Under Eye Causes

Allergies and fatigue can cause an indirect result of dark circles, because in both instances, a person is very likely to rub their eyes to stave off irritation. Vigorous rubbing can break the tiny capillaries and spread loose blood throughout the area. Over-exposure to sun can change the pigmentation around the eyes, actually causing a burn which can swell the region. Excessive drinking and smoking can cause an unnatural dehydration, removing the fullness of the skin to expose the minute veins and capillaries. Aging will eventually cause dark under eye condition since the skin becomes even thinner around the eyes. Inadequate nutrition, especially during menstruation or pregnancy, causes the immune system to work more slowly in healing parts of the eye area that have become damaged. Temporary conditions of dark eyes can result from facial surgery, impact to the eye orbits (black eyes) and severe head trauma.

Dark Under Eye Remedies

One of the most successful and safe remedies for Vivexin Eye Gel is Vivexin rejuvenating eye serum. Vivexin contains three major components: Matrixyl, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles by using a protein to stimulate collagen production; Eyeliss, which reduces puffiness by reinforcing the capillaries and draining fluid away from the eyes and Haloxyl, the main component, which extinguishes the dark pigmentation by using natural enzymes. The Vivexin formula is laboratory tested, composed of naturally occurring botanical extracts that aid in micro-circulation and healing. The formula contains unique moisturizers that increase elasticity and rebound in the skin, reducing unsightly lines, bags and wrinkles.