Dark Circles Around Eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most vulnerable, thinnest skin on your body. Over time, this delicate skin becomes even thinner and weaker, revealing extremely small blood vessels just underneath the surface. Dark circles around eyes are a very likely result of this natural aging process.

Dark Circles Around Eyes Occur Naturally

Two common reasons that dark circles around eyes occur are aging and heredity. By the time you reach your late 30s, the skin around your eyes can begin to lose its volume and elasticity. This process can shine a virtual spotlight on your orbital bones, producing cavities that appear as dark circles around your eyes. If you inherited deep set eyes or transparent skin, this same type of “shadowing” beneath your eyes may occur naturally.

Dark Circles Around Eyes Can Be Misleading

If you have dark circles around your eyes, people often assume that you are stressed out, tired or sick. In fact, none of these issues are usually to blame. If you have had a good night’s sleep and are feeling full of energy, it can be very frustrating when someone tells you that you look like you feel bad. In your search to discover ways to make your eyes match your mood, it is very important to determine which remedies for dark circles around eyes are safe and effective.

How to Diminish Dark Circles Around Eyes

You may consider home remedies such as applying cool cucumber slices or tea bags to your eyes to diminish dark circles. These are harmless therapies, and may offer temporary relief. Other options, such as injections or surgery, can be expensive and risky. A much safer way to reduce dark circles around eyes is now available through a revolutionary eye cream called Vivexin. Women who have been searching for years for an effective treatment for dark circles say they have finally found it at www.vivexin.com.

Natural Product Safely Reduces Dark Circles Around Eyes

Vivexin’s unique formula combines three key ingredients with botanical extracts to reduce dark circles around eyes naturally. In addition, it reduces the appearance of bags, wrinkles, puffiness and crow’s feet. This intense eye cream has been reported to make the skin around the eyes look and feel younger, firmer and smoother almost immediately. When Vivexin was studied in a 60 day trial, nine out of ten women reportedly saw a major decrease in dark circles around their eyes. Many women also say they have received numerous comments about how much younger they look since they began using Vivexin.

At one time, Vivexin was only available through a plastic surgeon’s office. Now this safe, effective, affordable solution is being offered to the general public. Vivexin may be ordered at www.vivexin.com with a 90 day, unconditional money-back guarantee.